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Sherwick Min is a DATA & ANALYTICS advisor, innovator & evangelist

Sherwick Min's Bio:

Over the last 20 years, Dr. Min has helped the world’s most recognizable brands from Netflix to Nike acquire and engage their audiences through a deeper understanding of each customer’s journey. Dr. Min has worked across industries spanning retail, e-commerce, media & entertainment, real estate, legal, enterprise software, advisory consulting and even professional motorsports inspiring teams to deliver beyond expectations. Dr. Min has always been an evangelist for the ethical use of data in personalization through transparency, which builds trust in all relationships from B2B2C. Links to work samples can be found in his portfolio

Sherwick Min's Experience:

  • Executive Technical Counselor at Info-Tech Research Group

    Trusted advisor to data & analytics executives providing strategic guidance and proactive thought leadership on • Data Strategy • Data Engineering • Data Governance • Master Data Management • Data Warehouse/ Data Lakehouse Architecture • Information Management • BI and Reporting • Advanced Analytics

  • Vice President, Benchmarking and Assessment at International Institute for Analytics

    Guided companies to continuously measure and track their data & analytics maturity throughout their digital transformation journey while providing unbiased strategic guidance leveraging IIA's network of analytics expertise. The best athletes in the world rely on coaches to prescribe benchmarks & assessments to monitor training effectiveness and progress towards goals before entering into competition. So should businesses.

  • Data Warehouse Program Leader at Epiq Systems

    A ransomware attack resulted in full-site outage and data corruption across Epiq’s siloed case databases. Responded by delivering the company’s first cloud data warehouse on Azure and Snowflake during the COVID-19 pandemic for their biggest client, Wells Fargo. Directed and mentored teams to initiate grass roots data governance program prior to building an enterprise data warehouse (EDW) through cloud federation. Evangelized and showcased data democratization and data governance thereby enabling the business to transform from billable-hour labor to self-service DaaS. Accelerated reporting efficiency by 400% and increased team sprint velocity 300%.

  • Product Evangelist at Janrain (acquired by Akamai)

    Strategic Advisor and solutions architect offering data & analytics expertise to drive product adoption at Janrain's key accounts. Janrain (acquired by Akamai) makes it easy to know your customers and personalize every interaction. Janrain's Customer Identity and Access Management Platform helps companies build a unified view of their customers across all devices by collecting accurate customer profile data with web analytics to power personalized marketing. The platform encompasses social login, registration, customer profile data storage, customer insights, single sign-on, and engagement powering brands like Pfizer, AMC, Samsung, Whole Foods, Fox News, Philips, Marvel, Mattel and Dr. Pepper.

  • Enterprise Information Architect at Nike

    Responsible for driving strategic direction for master data management, metadata management, data architecture, data quality, data stewardship and data governance within the Enterprise Information Management arm of Nike Technology. Evangelized a framework & practice comprised of data strategy, standards, methodologies and technologies to enable data architects, data modelers, business analysts and business stakeholders to cultivate a healthy and vibrant information ecosystem founded upon a shared understanding & trust of all data stimulating business innovation.

  • Director of Information Services at Clear Capital

    Responsible and accountable for delivering accurate and reliable data services to support real estate analytics including Clear Capital's flagship product, the Home Data Index. Improved geolocation quality, downsized transactional databases through rationalization with a financial impact of $650K annual savings.

  • Strategic Account Advisor at MicroStrategy

    Drove business and technology adoption of the industry's leading pure-play enterprise business intelligence platform with an emphasis on creating innovative Mobile, Social and Cloud strategies for Big Data at principal accounts. Focused on providing industry-specific and client-centric solutions in collaboration with field sales teams and solutions architects to solve the customer’s most demanding business challenges while providing direct communication between client leadership and technology, product development, technical support and sales. Advised VISA on BI user experience design and Facebook on user engagement across web/mobile channels.

  • Business Intelligence Leader at Netflix

    Spearheaded major migration from a spreadmart data silos to an enterprise BI ecosystem featuring Teradata's analytical DBMS, Ab Initio's data movement platform and MicroStrategy's enterprise reporting & analysis tools. Coordinated transition from project-based waterfall methodologies to responsive Agile SCRUM practices with direction over BI and data engineering teams. Oversaw refactoring of legacy data warehouse into an operational data store feeding the new EDW. Enhanced market insight by driving web analytics to focus on customer segmentation & funnel analysis, A/B testing and improved personalized recommendations.

  • Senior Principal Consultant at Quovera

    Data architecture strategic engagements with clients including Cisco Systems and Visa following TOGAF enterprise architecture methodology and best practices.

Sherwick Min's Education:

  • University of Kansas

    Concentration: Behavioral Ecology
    Activities: Studies in behavioral ecology, genetics, evolution and population biology leveraging predictive modeling, dynamic simulation, game theory and multivariate statistics. Original ecological field research of Pronghorn Antelope (Antilocapra americana) in the Rocky Mountains, Colorado.
  • Tufts University

    B.S. Magna Cum Laude
    Concentration: Biological Sciences
    Activities: original field research with Ph.D. graduate student

Sherwick Min's Interests & Activities:

Sherwick Min is a multisport and motorsport athlete with international distinction and professional results. Enjoy my life story on Medium "What’s Missing from Your Resume?"

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